Dragonfly in Suaeda Cottage garden, own photo

Dragonfly in Suaeda Cottage garden, own photo

Reducing energy consumption

Except for four original sash windows, retained for their character, all windows and doors are now double-glazed, and the roof has just been insulated, so the attic sitting-room should be cosier and you/we will no longer be heating the sky.

Except for special sizes or shapes, the light-bulbs are low-energy, and the fridge and washing-machine are recent and have good ratings. An unvented cylinder system ensures good hot water pressure, making it easy and enjoyable to have a shower instead of a bath.

Responsible energy sourcing

Except for the open fire, the heating is electric, but the electricity provider is Good Energy, which sources from renewables. We use wood from the garden for the open fire.

Buying local and/or eco-friendly

We buy organic linen and bedding as far as is practicable (and washable).

We use eco-friendly cleaning products such as sodium bicarbonate and vinegar and help guests keep waste to a minimum by providing composting facilities and solid shampoo as well as locally-made soap.

Gardening for wildlife

We garden naturally and encourage wildlife with pollinator-friendly plants and piles of twigs.

Polypodium fern, Martin Smith

Polypodium fern, Martin Smith